2020 Trends

There are so many! Every part of a burger allows you to seek out different bold flavors because it’s essentially a blank canvas. And there’s inspiration everywhere. You can go all over Asia, which is so condiment-centric with delicious fermented items; Latin America has amazing salsas and chile-centric garnishes that let you completely differentiate yourself. Or, get inspiration from Europe, which has the best cheeses in the world. Then think about breads, buns and lettuce wraps... there are a ton of ways to customize and make it really interesting and tasty.


From a meat standpoint and a grind standpoint, that’s one area people are looking to branch out. You start to see really interesting blends of beef and grass-fed even. It’s a great platform to get grass-fed on your menu without there being a big financial risk. Also blending in mushrooms, onions, peppers or other veggetables in the meat to make it healthier. A huge trend is plant-based burgers such as the “Beyond Burger.” Soy bean burgers are also on the radar for non-meat options.




Equipment in high demand:


• Plancha Grills

• Chair-broilers

• Workstations

• Smart Beverage Dispensers

• Multi-Contact Grills

• French Fry Cutters

• Deep Fryers

• Countertop Food Warmers

• Meat Grinders

• Dish Caddy & Dispensers




Stuffed Burgers
Stuffed Burgers
Stuffed Burgers
Stuffed Burgers
Stuffed Burgers